Sunday, 11 May 2008

Rough Disko vs ORIS JAY (aka DARQWAN) vs C90 @Penelopes, Friday May 16th

Here's the vibe for our next party. It's this Friday coming and should be one off the top shelf...

Rough Disko present - The Bass Off Part Deux

Who with -
ORIS JAY (aka Darqwan) Planet Mu/Sheffield/Texture
C90 DJS (fops around town)
ROUGH DISKO RESIDUAL DRINKERS (Gag Reflex , The London Wicker, Jimpotent)

When? - Friday 16th May
When is the ring open? - 10.30 pm til 4 in the am.
Tax? - to you friend, 4 nicker
Vibe? This time it’s personal…

Oi oi Sheffield, it’s been a long time no see scenario since our bad selves last got entangled with the heat and sweat of the disco night. After smashing it back in February with the C90 boys (respekt respekt) at Penelopes for a rumble which was reet and royal, we retreated into the darkness to sharpen our rave claws and polish the buttons on our jackets woven from the dankest of hype.

It’s May time and now we’re gearing ourselves up for another descent of deep, down and dirty digital dance floor action. The movement bounced and bumped so hard in February that we couldn’t resist bringing back fellow piss heads, the C90 ladies for a rematch in this, the first of a trio of early summer parties….

However, to ensure the do really does go off at the deep end, we’ve drafted in one of the big dons of bass pressure to bring some fire power to the riot. This time we welcome bleepy garage hero, Sheffield’s very own ORIS JAY.

Local hero Oris is a well respected member of the dance music fraternity, both under and over ground. Weaned on pirate radio and illicit sound systems, he’s one of the early warriors of the dubstep scene, emerging through the early days of jump up and now standing tall as a purveyor of wobbly synthesised two step, garage, bleep and rave.

His name and shadow stretches far outside of Sheffield. Having forged a top 40 hit with his tune ‘Trippin’, he’s collaborated with everyone from Ms Dynamite to Rodney P, released tracks labels including Polydor, Tectonic, Planet Mu, EMI, Bingo, Storming Productions and Hospital and featured on Nitin Sawhney’s Fabric Live compilation and Freq Nasty’s Breakspoll CD…

Oris tore Sonar in two last year and did some serious damage at the Bloc weekender back in March. You’re as likely to hear his riddims at a Warp party in Spain as they are raising the roof of a Nova in Pittsmoor, Sheffield. Armed with his mixture of dubstep, techno and electronics, he will bring this rave crashing in on itself with the emotional TNT he charges those turntables. We’re very excited indeed…

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Good, dark times

Oi Oi...

Bob Funkhouse lording it up in the Steel City Spring '08

My oh my. The last month has seen the nonsense go off the scale. Night time antics have been getting darker and more twisted as it gets lighter out. The blooming cheeks brought on by the early morning walk of shame after a hearty binge are becoming increasingly apparent to the envious onlooker.

Take our neighbour downstairs. We’d been powdering our hooters til the early morn. I’d fallen asleep atop a toilet (for the second time), exposed the channel of my ass crack to a crowded room while attempting to stuff more ‘chang’ up my snout, then fallen spectacularly on the ice of the roof terrace where the domestic mayhem had been unfurling like a geriatric’s wizard sleeve.

The tumble bruised my ass hard and ensured a long limp back to the gaff. The horror of the fall was nothing compared to the abject terror brought on by being forced into a conversation with our downstairs mix up Jean about the leak in her ceiling.

Before I hurt mysen we went to Catachouk down at the Red House. Our boys the Janitors were down. These are the only snaps I could muster in between drinking heavily and throwing eckers down my neck. Note gurn and intense hatred from Iain Janitor. He is small and doesn’t love the lens.

Less than two weeks later we waved adios to our boy Tom Hydro. He'd got sick of the lack of cock in Sheffield and decided to take the plunge and do the do to London. To celebrate we destroyed ourselves for 16 hours. I left the party twice. Once to go and fetch a cup of tea, then sit convulsing in front of Hollyoaks while the Sheffield half marathon went on outside. Those fucking squares. The second time to go to bed and tackle personal demons...

Bedlam in full effect

Our boy at the height of the madness. Note Penguin Books mug to give the illusion of intellectualism. Not the case