Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A murder of crows

2015 is already gushing away like sick down a baby's front. Gurgles, chunks, bits of carrot in it ... you get the shizzle. But despite the ongoing march of time, we're on it like a car bonnet, eating and drinking our way around the place like the classic, thirsty viking. So far we've acquired 80 back issues of Viz, drank shots with Chicago house don Derrick Carter, been to the seaside, (attempted to) grow a beard and been for a deeply posh curry. You'd better believe we're taking this year by the throat and flushing it's head down the toilet...

Posh chip butty


Winter domestic flex - weed socks, jogging bottoms, clarks slippers. Believe

Snackage innit

Training room lolz

February reading

A disgusting t-shirt

Pooch outside the offie


We didn't win. Hence while we're still here... 

Taking 80 issues of Viz off another brother's hands

New work breakfast vibes - welcome the breakfast pot!

A very blurry, blood orange martini

Bring the gourmet vibe to Broadway Market. Fuck you and your organic leeks

More reading

Tom Kerridge's favourite meal - fucking nutjob fam

Beige and beige and beige