Friday, 7 February 2014

Kiss the Fist present; We Run Tings

To help us hit this marathon fundraising target, we're throwing a party. All proceeds go to the running fund innit... Check the spiel below;

We Run Tings - feat. KTF Allstars (Ashley Bibble, Jill Nando, Jimpotent),

Pat Mandu,

Brother 2 Brother…

Playing yacht rock, italo, disco, rave,

Saturday - February 22nd Marquis of Lansdowne's Basement - Kingsland Road, Dalston.

9 until 2 - £4 in...

It’s February and 2014 is all over us like a disgusting, rabid bear. It’s been grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrizzzzly.

To welcome the new year, the ever-so slightly longer days and Jill’s recent lottery win, we’ve decided to reanimate the skanky corpse of electronic disco party Kiss the Fist.

The original team of Domination3000, Jill Nando and Jimpotent are back on speaking terms after coming to blows last summer over the ownership of a bag of piss porn - all it took to get the band back together was a hit of amyl, a firm handshake and a side order of hot wings.

After bringing in New Year’s eve with a rabble rousing night of Hi-NRG, italo, wedding disco and yacht rock at Clapton’s latest gentrified grief hole the Crooked Billet, we’ve decided to do it all over again in the guts of our favourite boozer, the Marquis of Lansdowne.

This one is a ‘benefit gala’ with all monies raised on the door going to Jimpotent’s marathon fund. The twerp is attempting to run the London Marathon in April and raise £1,500 for charity Kith and Kids.

If you’re feeling sorry for him, then you can donate on his page here - - if not, you can come down to the Marquis of Lansdowne’s basement on Saturday 22 February, egg him and get your freak on in our charity disco.

Joining us will be our chums Pat Mandu, Bob Funkhouse and Danny M - these long-term friends of Kiss the Fist will be bringing large buckets of additional vibe and hot sonics to our soiree. Pat is big in the game, being addicted to speakers and played with Andy Blake – Danny M does tings in Leeds and Bob is well good at drinking Kronenberg.

Come down and get firmly involved…