Thursday, 12 March 2015

Railing against the curse of the man bun

What defines the word 'evil' in 2015?

While the twin ghouls of ISIS and UKIP stalk the very soul of our land the biggest threat on the streets themselves comes atop the heads of mega doofuses. Yes that's right. Beware the dreaded 'man bun', an indicator of extreme torment in its wearer and one of the most inexplicable of all current fashion fads going around like a small, hairy plague.

The man bun is far worse in the man who has no need for it. Take this chap here. His boff is so short, that he don't facking need to tie his locks up in elastic. It's not gonna blind him in its current form if he goes white water rafting. But he, like many other gents has decided, that hair needs to be in place. Keep your eyes peeled for the rise of the bun as the days get lighter and summer starts becoming more than a twinkle in the eye. And make sure you have scissors on you at all times...