Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Spring time vibessssss

Yes yes - spring has officially sprung round these parts with the clock's going forward and the evenings turning into pure sunshine. Vibes round here have been big and food-shaped. It's always a fresh look to veer from gourmet extragavance to proper scummy delights. Although combining donner meat with a scotch egg was one of the finest, culinary items to enter me gob for some time. It's all about straddling the line.

Elsewhere we've been sampling the delights of numerous boozers and even went bowling. Yeah check that shit out. It's almost quite grown up. Almost...

A Mexican breakfast

Getting filmed innit

A tart. With figs in it. Lardy fucking dar jah

Bare ribs


This sea bass got murked

Old time Hackney vibes


Bowling flex

Still can't stop listening to this all the fucking time

Scotch eggs and donner meat together. At last

Yes mate

It's a tuna ting


More delicious fucking meat

Er hello

The family fish keeps getting bigger

Found Mac will travel

The king of the drop


Warriorssss - come out to plaayyyy

Posh, free lager innit

Bitch purlease