Monday, 3 July 2017

10 tunes to get our juice oozing and flowing

We've been sucking up new tunes as fast as they emerge so here's a top ten of recent hits round our way. All go well with a Theresa May meme.

First up is this killer from Shoegazers Ride. If you didn't know, they're back and I can't get enough of this. It's produced by Erol Alkan and the verses are masterclasses in swirling, dreamy guitar aceness.

I've no idea who Wooden Shjips are and what These Shadows is about but Jarvis Cocker opened his Sunday Service with it a while back and I was instantly smitten. Goes good with crumpets innit.


Chris and Cosey have always been at the back of the class throwing LSD tabs and dildos at the teachers when it comes to electronica. Exotika is an amazing slice of proto house business capable of destroying any party, whether it's been going for three hours or three days. Stonker mate. Get inside it.

Slowdive were a band who started out before I had a clue what was going on because I was into the Supernaturals and Grass Show. But now, like EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD, they're back with new music. Unlike everyone else though, they sound fucking huge and immense. Star Roving from their new self-titled album is the one.


I've no idea who Hugh Pascall but this remix manages to make the church organ sound both creepy and balearic. Hats off to Max Cooper for bringing it.

Thundercat is making 22nd century yacht rock. Check it. It's perfect for sipping pina coladas by the pool at beach resorts on Mars. It's killer and features some of the originals.


Mura Masa makes music for people in their twenties and soundtracks shit clothing ads on ITV 3 during the Love Island ads. There are plenty of drippy synths and steel pans. But I don't care, it's addictive as fuck.


Apart from Jeremy Corbyn, Stormzy is the man of 2016. Or at least no one else is riding such a huge wave of hype. Or got as many tongues waving in the post Glastonbury dust storm, This one is the best off a meh meh album...

The Brian Jonestown Massacre have been in our lives since we hosted a gig with them as headliners in Sheffield back in the mid 2000s. We got hammered, they requested peyote, they fell out with each other and when we eventually got out of bed the next day, there was a big unexplained puddle on the front room carpet. Years later they've still got it and here's the proof...

It's hard to argue with the Thin White Duke and it's even harder to argue with this. Kills it every time...