Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sleep deprivation

Not going to bed can sometimes be a marvellous thing - sometimes it can also be a hideous thing. But Saturday was marvellous. Despite inadvertently locking chums in the gaff, spending a mild fortune and probably becoming a little bit thicker due to the starvation of oxygen to the brain and the vast intake of gaspers. What evs - it's fucking summer. This is how it's going down. You know how we're rolling. The phone died at about hour 36 but these were some of the images that will stay with us.

The carrot soup was a lot

On the brink

Dance 'til the Police Come

Here's a review hype hoving into view - Words have been flowing like water out of a tap of late cos there's so much good new musical shit spurting out. Get your quills and ears out for the lads. First up is this nu-soul business by Fatima and Floating Points. It's kinda mint in the kind of the slow-building, jazzy sorta way that Alice Russell and The Rebirth were back in the '03.

Fatima & Floating Points - Follow You EP review

Junglist man Peverelist also got a good going over - this is savage, man music strictly for the heads in love with low ends - Again, it sounds like the past coming up on the future and giving its ears a thorough nashing. Get out your sausages for the feast chumps.

Peverelist - Dance 'til the Police Come