Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Horsemeat Disco - thoughts etc...

Here's a little review I put together a little while ago for the delightful Fact magazine. Horse Meat Disco's compilation of flamboyant italo and homo-disco classics is pretty hard to resist ... Unlike Squarepusher's Solo Electric Bass Volume One. That's a whole different kettle of undercooked fish. It beggars belief...

Check HMD here

and Squarepusher over here. Oooh-errrrr...

Summer's just a tear in the wee man's eye

Summer has almost gone but here's a little photographic run down of what's been gwaning. Big tings? Big indeed. In no particular order let me tell you...

Eggs + flat sausage + Macmuffin = dry mouth + runny bum

Jerk - plantain - rice and peas - Brixton - sun - balearia

Pa's big fish

MJ Cole - Fabrish...


Dancing sherobot - Major Lazer Carnival flex

The Major Lazer party

Rusko in da area - you can't see him. It's a shit photo - but he was there

Juicy pins

Toddla T + Serocee whip it

Too many man too many man


Field Day fair

Optimo plus gurner - like looking into a mirror...

Optimo - Twitch in full effect at Field Day