Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Big, bad and deeply, deeply camp

Still. Cannot. Get. Enough. Of. This

Bonk Holiday vibes part une

Yes yes - What’s been happening? As far as I’m aware shit has been going down. Strong looks, big parties, late nights and hot tunes. It’s been solidly bonkers and even when we ain’t been troughing on booze, I’ve been up late prancing round the gaff to Imagination and wishing I’d been born on the inside of that bassline.

Disco-shaped fun and games were squeezed into the Friday night of the recent Bank Holiday. We hopped on a bus and ended up at a soiree named the Last Days of Disco, going right off at the semi-ludicrously monikered Barden’s Boudoir. I don’t know who Barden is but if it is his lair then he should get them tinklers sorted out. And tell his guards to stop being so keen. I locked eyes with one of them while having a toot on the amyl and he damn well snatched it off me. The freaking square. He obviously don’t know.

Kitsune’s In Flagranti were the vest wearing hipstos blaring out the euphoric disco bangers and sinful re-edits. Dubby techy disco resplendent with cow bells and plenty of dance floor sweat. It was hype and evidence that Kitsune aren’t looking to the early 90s and the bottom of Jonny Slut’s wardrobe for inspiration. Weirdly they is going all the way back to the NYC but it sounds a bit like Sheffield 2001. Same vibe - Dancing on the stage, binging on the tequilas, pointing fingers at the lights and general losing of mind tactics being deployed. Naughty haughty.