Monday, 28 February 2011

Vibez vibes wives

The last week has seen the vibe spiral out of control. Thursday nights are rapidly becoming too much to handle. The Dolphin and their ever generous opening hours have a lot to answer for...

Bloody, bloody, bloody Mary


The bar is called Jetlag. It must be run by cunts


Concealing second lunch under first - classic

Dal flex

Messy messy


David Holmes Essential mix

Props to Danimalswainger for digging this up - David Holmes was one of THE DJs when beats first started stirring my musical loins - and this mix was the one. Some kind tinker has whacked it up on Soundcloud as a download - it still has it in spades. Hope Holmes is keeping busy...

David Holmes - Essential Mix of The Year '1997 by djmixes

Just cos you're on a diet don't mean you can't look at the cakes

The end of February is nearly upon us - and sounds have never been so juicy. Here's a little selection of what's been keeping us bouncing at the breakfast bar, on the bus and in the pub. I've been making words but this has been dancing behind the eyes. Crack 'em.