Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The holiday...


T'other week the vibe was transplanted to the north of France or Normandy to be precise. It was a typically relaxing affair getting up at 3am to catch a ferry at 8 in the morn. We were very, very, very early for that fucking bastard boat.

But it was lovely - plenty of food, cards, wine, I even got my pins out (those are mine up there - svelte jah?) and we savoured the local brew - calvados - it's a bit like brandy but with more rotten apples and petrol. Other tings - the Normandy beaches, cemeteries, cheese, churches, beers, cheese and yet more cheese. Here's the photographic highlights...

Sentry flex

Decisions, decisions...

Calvados crazy

'We are having a great time!'

Trouble on the beach

Ladies + calvados = danger

Bayeux gargoyle flex

Outside the Museum of Peace - big girls the lot of them

On the way there...