Sunday, 11 April 2010

First tastes of spring...

April has been bingey. Well bingey. No surprises there then. Bike rides and biftas, peacocking and snoozing. Last night's dancehall party in Brixton was one of the best. South Rakkas Crew and MC Serocee killed it. Then we got locked into the after party vibe with the emcees and dished out verbal beef to Serocee about his choice of wheels. Vectra vibes. Here's a few images which my phone camera has caught. It's been nice out.

Stringy poached egg spunk on toast

gherkin flex

A snake signpost

Podcast and crisps

Enjoying the hangover

Vietnames duck flex


Kiss the fist



Sustainable pasties.

Macdonals push a mean bagel at 6am on a Sunday morning

Natural disaster stops dancehall

London Fields at dawn

A simple picnic