Monday, 8 December 2008

London Dungeon vibe?

After moving down to London we decided to embrace both the past and the future by throwing an impromptu Halloween party. Cue radish buying (to make eyeballs for the punch - Thanks internet), picking up plastic dolls from Whitechapel market and purchasing more booze than an octopus could brandish a multitude of large sticks at.

Myself and Jeff decided it would be a judicious move to host the ‘gathering’ as notorious blogger and allotment tender Josef Fritzel and his wife/daughter/sex slave. I put on a fake pair of eyebrows, grew a fat back and donned a badge proclaiming ‘World’s greatest dad’. Jeffers did the decent thing and threw on a wig, applied some bruises (to disguise the real ones I’ve been dishing out) and tied a ball and chain to her leg.

It was obviously maxi vibes all round. Other notable guests were Amy Winehouse (complete with cig butts in the beehive), a clockwork doll, Tomas from the Orphanage, Rupaul, a doctor, French maid and a natural disaster plus plenty of other hot looks too numerous to mention.

Other big tings involved the bathroom door. The lock had been sticking since we moved in so I duly took the time out to write a note warning folk of the potential dangers as well as an emergency number to ring in case of trouble.

It wasn’t until at least sixish in the am that some poor swine got stuck in there for two hours. Obviously I had to take a turn at this (as I have a penchant for kipping in bathrooms whether that be the floor or in a gentlemen’s position).

After three hours lovely Dan (who’d passed out in the front room) let me out about midday. To celebrate we slugged half a litre of JD down our nek holes, before I had to lie down once again, this time in bed. As I said maximum vibes all round. It wasn’t until weeks after that we realised the neighbours had left a note of complaint. Thankfully someone had eaten it. Again very strong…

Here are some of the images that were left on my camera, as visual fingerprints incriminating everyone involved. Hopefully the feds will never get their mits on them. Avert thou eyes….

Fritzel's daughter meets Rupaul uptown

Winehouse vs Fritz