Tuesday, 9 November 2010


November November November - in some ways the cruellest month. It's still close enough to summer for shorts to be gazed at wistfully, yet night descends like an all enveloping wizard's sleeve before you even leave work. And you know you've still got to wade through some serious shit before you reach the sanctuary of Christmas.

So, in some ways, it's crucial to seize the day during this time of the year. Or you can continue down the same path you've been following for the last 12 months. Decision decisions...

Toni and Craggs

Double papping ducks

Jools, joints and juice

Queasy birds

Dreams can come true

Birthdays - If you wake up before midday and wish really hard, then you can achieve all the things you'd like. Failing that you can get up late, enjoy a fry up and then get messed up at a dubstep night until dawn's crack opens. You can imagine which option was enjoyed around here for our man Craggs. It was big on bass, grease and energy drinks.

Lads at brunch

Chicken playing the sex sax

Paedo's paradise

Dubstep skronkathon

Bin's got bare moves. Bare. Moves.

Hoods up

Rattus Rattus Rattus Rattus

Running scared