Monday, 7 July 2014

How deep is deep?

You know summer has arrived when you can't stop sneezing, sweating or drinking pints straight after work. It's nice out and one has simply got to make the most of it before the UK's six month ice age lands and drives everyone back to their coats. Weddings, World Cup fever and running have all been at the heart of recent activity. Get low...

Watching real ale bores
The Bucktini - 'pure filth'

Another exotic breakfast

Mortradella bologna with pistachios sounds right nice doesn't it? 

It's not! It's just an arse of corned beef!

All day drinking is 'the one'

Boom boom (wiggle wiggle)

Like looking into a mirror

I wanna marry Harry = new favourite show

Anthem for 2014


Watching England crash out of the World Cup from a long way away

You're having a giraffe mate

Egg/cheese toastie meet in the frying pan

Badger patrol

Post Hackney half marathon mental breakdown

The Marquis of Lansdown bar - aka 'faves'