Monday, 5 November 2012

Edinburgh festival

The Edinburgh Festival is Scotland's annual celebration of all things arty, farty, dramatic, theatrical and supposedly funny. I say 'supposed' as when we went up at the start of August during 'festival frenzy', it felt like many of the chumps we caught plying their wares had left their sense of humour at the door. After boarding an early flight, we were in the Scottish capital by noon and predictably in the pub soon after. The vibe it turns out is that everyone thinks they're a comedian. If you're not on the stage, then you're sitting in the audience hurling insults at strangers. It's quite something to feel the red heckling mist descend and get caught up in a slanging match with some berk on stage. But lager really is a confidence booster in this regard - and we drank an ocean of it over the four days we were there.

The best or possibly worst thing we saw was Keith the Anger Management Koala - not wanting to spoil the surprise but this dude was an irate Australian in a Koala suit with an acoustic guitar strapped to his back. He spent most of his 'set' screaming the word 'cunt' and bashing the living bejesus out of his poor instrument. He has to be seen to be believed. Is it funny? It's difficult to say but you can read his blog here and make up your own minds...

Obligatory airport breakfast pint
Balls to you
Edinburgh's airport car park - keeping it fresh
Steezey weezy
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