Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Question Time

I can't watch Question Time anymore due to all the 'gammon' on there slagging off anyone who doesn't look as red or as grey as they do. But I can certainly listen to Question Time by rising star, Streatham rapper Dave, all the bloody time mate. It's a classic and I was lucky enough to speak with co-writer Fraser T Smith on the blower earlier in the year to discuss how it came about. It's an instant classic make no mistake and Fraser just so happens to be one of the nicest men we've come across in 'the biz'...

Read all about it here and listen to Question Time above...

We went to Vietnam and this is what we loved

Charlie don't surf...

Earlier in the spring we headed to the far east for the first time in our tiny, little lives. Flying into Bangkok, after a 12 hour, vomit filled journey, we then nipped over to Hoi An before finally landing in Hanoi for a week and a bit. With our only experience of this part of the world via our tellies and the likes of bloody war films Full Metal Jacket or Apocalypse Now, we weren't sure what to expect other than being very sweaty. And potentially eating dogs? The former happened, the latter didn't but here's some of the highlights condensed into five easily digestible titbits perfect for our now puny attention spans...

Egg Coffee

As you may or not know, we're passionate fans of les oeufs on here so the idea of adding it to ANYTHING is always a great idea. Egg and southern fried chicken. Egg pasties. Egg on burgers. Eggs in space. Eggs and cacti. It's all good innit. We had the Vietnamese delicacy near Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum in Hanoi and it was so strong it could have brought his decaying corpse back to life. Zing? Zing.

Ho Chi Minh

Original bad man Ho Chi Minh is loved by pretty much everyone in Vietnam. Everyone. His face is all over the place and even though he's well dead, he's still venerated as the absolute big dog. It's hard not to get swept in all the hype.


The nosh in Vietnam is second to none. From the street corners where you'll find entire families huddled round a little stove, to their legendary Banh Mi butty, there's loads of things you can stuff in your gob. There was a lot of talk about eating pooches but thankfully we were spared pouring salt and pepper over someone's pet. Instead we ended up at a joint doing fried crickets and, after several light ales, decided a plateful would be a good vibe. They taste exactly as you might think. Chewy mate.

The chaos

Our host described Hanoi as place resembling somewhere after an earthquake has just given it a good shake up but its people are still trying to get from a to b as fast as humanly possible. It's stuck with us as it seems wholly accurate. Everyone moves at great pace although where they're all going is impossible to fathom. Throw in loads of noise and heat and it's a total mad house. Mega vibes.


Anywhere that calls its currency 'dong' has to be respected for all of eternity. It's as simple as that isn't it?