Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Calvin Harris in 'good' shocker

Well, well I'm surprised. I thought this guy was as much of a cunt as you did. His collab with Dizzee always gets my booty bouncing but the man himself is a massive stain. His lame appearances on T4 and hawking of Acceptable in the 80s at any festival of the 08 appeared to cement that.

However, right now this new single is sounding amazing. Maybe in two weeks when it's literally everywhere it'll sound like a sack of hairy balls. But, despite beginning like an early Snow Patrol b-side, it blasts off into Fred Falke territory via Detroit and some serious finger wiggling... This is his post on the MySpace from end of January...

'Pete Tong had the first play of I'm Not Alone on friday, that's my new single, it's on my music player now.
In an attempt to delay piracy i have given it an "I'm Your Nan" remix, so i hope you enjoy that.
Obviously I hope you like it, it's had some interesting reactions so far - a lot of them good, some of them bad!
For those hating, please be aware that what i'm trying to do is make memorable music, and given that i have already made songs that sound like Acceptable in the 80s and The Girls, and indeed 'Dance Wiv Me' it's time to move on and keep it interesting, which involves taking risks, one of those risks being that perhaps nobody will like it...!
But i would much rather that be the case than i make some cut up distorted blog house tune, i think there is enough of that around at the moment.
So give it a chance won't you?
Calvin x'

I'd seriously advise you to check it on da MYSPACE...