Thursday, 23 August 2012

Summer in the face

Woah now - we're almost at August Bank Holiday which is typically seen as the climax of the summer. It seems that the last few months have gone in the blink of a wet, overcast eye but nonetheless, they have been A LOT. These are the some of the vibes to have gone down. Brap?

Knitted ghost
Guess who? Roy?
Mexican breakfast
Office frustration

To dull the blow of redundancy I was bought this custard tart

Dock off cola bottle

scrabble flex

Freeeeee conference cheesecake
Yes mate

Football and beer

Etch a sketch

19th Floor of London Television Centre

Fancy pants



Mini burger canapes

The kebab from the night before

Massive lady - small mallard


Lies - all lies

Passport to free Stella

A fishy dish

Another fishy dish

Office kitchen hovel

Rizzle Kicks and canned Mojito at the Hackney Weekender

Nicky Minaj at the Hackney Weekender - you can't see her

Spicey beans

More canned liquor

Top of a slide in Tottenham

Another discovery - the £2 Subway breakfast

Depressing work desk

Damien Hirst - Butterfly on bag ting

The best purchase of the summer


Outside - sunshine?

Giz twos on yer whippet

Big up P

Turkish breakfast Dalston flex

'Hippy crack'

'If anything I feel like I'm in a relationship with the earth'

Droopy drawers and nobbly knees

Pop up boozer in Southwark. It's not pop-up, it's just not forever

Dude got a hot water bottle in his bag. Dude.

Monkey business


Well wrapped gift