Friday, 20 August 2010

The Wires are coming for you Machine Drum

In between drinks, sleeps, works and weddings there's been some serious records coming out. Machine Drum is an American fella who's sound is proper next galaxy business. He's all about elasticated bass and bleepage but with enough of a roar to put the wind up you. His Many Faces mini album is emerging on hype Glasgow label LuckyMe who've also helped out HudMo and Rustie. Witterings on about him below

Machine Drum FACT review

US try-hards !!! have also got a new record out. It's a punk funk party vaguely reminiscent of the Happy Mondays. They'd probably be more interesting if they all developed Shaun Ryder-esque drug habits. But they haven't. Read about it below

Chk chk chk Strange Weather, Isn't it? FACT review

Monday, 16 August 2010

End of the world vibes

Summer is drawing to a close - the wind is howling and the trees are swaying. I've been warming my greasy fingers on this mixture of old and new tunes since the wedding bells rang in Sheffield the other week. The bells. The bloody bells. There weren't any actual bells but if there had been it would have been sweet if they'd sounded like some of these bad boys...

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Blasting to the past and back again...

Although there have been a lorry load of big and new tunes unmasking themselves all over 2010, I've been constantly reminded of great shit that I've missed. I don't know how. I must have been really busy with something.

We attended an impromptu Numbers party the other week down at Plastic People. Despite an overly rigorous search on the way, where I even had to take my specs off and smile at a camera, the night was intensely beefy. On a deeply nerdy level, the sound system is some next level business. Although it's loud enough to ensure your balls wobble, you can also enjoy a conversation with your dancing buddy without shouting so hard the veins in your tongue pop. Serious. Jackmaster was on the decks and he played this pair of bombs. Arguably an erection section but it was so loud my penis was cowering. Very fearful. Dick talk nonetheless...

I've also been feeling this one of late - they didn't play it at Numbers but it's got a big, salty hook in it and worth repping here. Oooof...


Sometimes LADS just need to be LADS. LADS. For certain gents this can mean getting tanked up and getting their fists out. For others it can involve visiting a sexy emporium for a cheap, yet attention-seeking thrill.

However, we did something a little different. The other Wednesday night we managed to smash through some breathtakingly stubborn culinary taboos to enjoy a Lasagne sandwich. The best thing about it was the fact it was just one of a number of LADDISH activities we enjoyed. Who would have thought it? I was convinced you could only be so LADDISH in one evening. But, if you put your mind to it, you can do a range of manly tings.

Our evening began with some nerdy record buying in Soho, then onto a Sam Smith's boozer for their legendary £2.20 pints of Alpine. It was at this stage that the first Lasagne sandwich was unleashed. Despite looking like the sort of munch that only a terminally drunk goat could enjoy, this 'fusion' fodder is actually delicious. I don't use the word 'fusion' lightly. It's filling sure. Yet intensely delicious. In the long hot summer of 2010, the double carb hit is where it's at.

Being in Soho, arguably the must-head destination for a perve in the smoke, there was only one to take the evening deeper. Sex shops. Not for the pornography. But for the room odouriser. Turns out honking on poppers just outside Tottenham Court Road Tube is an intriuging look for tourists. Breath it in babes. And also arguably the only way to open up the stomach muscles to ingest more double carb action.

Back at the ranch, and with the scent of amyl burning the nose hair, we set about grilling the other lasagne sandwich. Grill it we did. If Deilia was dead, which I don't think she is, she would have been turning in her grave.

It was perhaps the most LADDISH evening of 2010. I've never felt more manly. Props to D for the images and video. Apologies for the ugliness...

Monday, 9 August 2010

Jammer! - Murkle durkle

2010 and grime has developed itself a sense of humour. Jammer, aka the Murkle Man, has been one of the main players getting grimey with it since day dot. He's gone from being a badass with a child's motor bike to a bona fide popstar. Sort of.

He's still the same mad man in the Murkle Man vid above - but now he's got a nice new wardrobe and a independent record deal. Plus he's posing on the front of his album Jahmanji next to an elephant. You can't get stronger than that.

Check out Ten Man Roll below - Produced by one of his old buddies and fresh DJ Mumdance, it's a big, catchy pop tune. My ears can't get enough of it...

I had the pleasure of reviewing it for FACT. You can have the dubious pleasure of reading what I had to say over here.