Monday, 11 April 2011

Kiss your Royal Fistness

We've got a Kiss the Fist party coming up on the horizon - I say horizon - it's more of the middle distance but the special vibe is that it falls on the same day as one of the most anticipated unions of the year.

That's right Kiss the Royal Fist is going down at the London Fields boozer on April 29th, the day that Kate whats-her nibs and Wills McPoshgills get hitched proper stylez. Totes Rah yeah? The original plan was to source some hallucinogens and begin the day by heading into central London to cheer on the happy, regal couple, then hopefully vomit somewhere on a corgi. But the inevitable 12 hour panic attack has put us off. Plus we'll probably get murked somewhere on Thursday evening and spend the day inside with the curtains drawn shaking in a shady corner anyway. Embarking on an acid binge could make the evening untenable - and, at the very least, would impact the quality of the recorded blends. And, as always, we're aiming for seamless mixing on the night... Wimps/perfectionists that we are...

There will probably be bunting and some semi-pished attempts to tie the whole thing in with the regalness of the day - One of our party is even threatening to bake something. I might bring a cucumber and turn it into sandwiches at the bar. Like a culinary David Copperfield.

I'll also be paying all due respeckt to the Scandinavian king Todd Terje - I don't know what his marital status currently is but after clocking his latest 12 (see below), then it's probably worth me finding out. I'm smitten.

You can't hide from your bud

There are so many big tunes doing the rounds at the moment - big, rushy music to lose your mind, marbles and jaw line to. They keep coming. It's like someone's got a big tank and won't lay off blasting them out.

I did a few words on the new Hot Flush compilation for Hyponik - you can read it here - This Scuba tune is well grindy...

And Deadboy has re-emerged with summat aimed more at the Space terrace than a dark and dingy club. Wish you Were Here nails that holiday vibe - Review on Resident Advisor here

You can listen to it here - One for the motherfucking sunshine...