Sunday, 22 March 2009

Coma - Embargo (Allez Allez remix)

Coma? Embargo? Allez Allez? Firm? All sound faintly anonymous, a bit electronic and a little German. Firm are a label based in Cologne who are very matey with Kompakt.

Allez Allez have a wicked blog where they you could drown yerself in the mass of music it packs.

Many names but most importantly this tune is the bomb.

We Wear The Gold

Sheffield club nights C90 and Rough Disko have been dilly-dallying for time, attempting to outdrink and outnerd each other via arm wrestles, epic binges, meat eating competitions and heated debates on the pros and cons of Dj Funk and whether his wardrobe is too fresh.

So it’s no surprise that after all this flirting, the pair of floozies have decided to jump into bed with each other, have a frig and tumble and show the world the resulting mess they made. Out of the shadows comes We Wear The Gold, an evening of booty and bass. This is what these cretins listen to when no one else is watching. The first one is Friday March 27th at the Stockroom in Sheffield. Check it.

Even better they’ve put together a pair of mixtapes to showcase what flex they’re saying. Noisy stupid club music.

The first one from the Gag Reflex is you can download here. The mysterious Derek Tibbs' masterwork can be found here. Get on these free loads.

Rob Da Bank

Typewriter out. Trousers on. Here's a link to a Rob Da Bank compilation review which I cracked out yonks ago for Fact magazine. They put it up on their website recently and it’s even graced the pages of the seasonal hard copy of the publication. I’d like to do more of this stuff but I’m too busy doing a job where I have to produce news stories on Slovakian politics and savings accounts.

Here's the link