Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Spuddha enters the mix and comes up smiling

Phewie. Unbolt the doors and lift up your blinds. January has left the building for another year. So see ya later you old nag. This one has been one of the worst due to the massive mood swings. They've ranged between intergalactic highs to all-consumingly bleak lows and swung like some sort of chemically unbalanced pendulum - And, as such, the exit to the month was almost too similar to the entry - cast in a shadow of self doubt and mental unease. Thankfully it's now February and normal service has been resumed. Until we beach ourselves upon another weekend of little sleep and maximum vibes.

To enhance the sunniness of starting the second month of the year our boy Spud dropped this lovely italo mix on us all the way from Sheffield. In his words this sort of tackle "makes me happy as fuck". He's not wrong. Big up February. Rabbits. Vibes. Vibes.

Spud - Disco Diamonds part 2 (italo mix) by Spuddha

Check out more of Spuddha's business on his soundcloud over here