Thursday, 29 August 2013

'I'm not much of a singer. More of a whistler really'

While the heat has been on outside, it's also been burning up through the speakers with some right wrong 'uns raising their heads above the parapet and saying 'hai'.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Too. Hot. To. Blog. Part deux

So we've been having a shit load of fun over the last month or so. BIG FUN. We've visited Kew Gardens, eaten jerk at Brixton, got down to some serious tunes at the NTS radio all day rave up and drank many, many cans. Living life out of a blue plastic bag is always a pleasure...

Kebabs and a convertible

Gaunt crew

NTS outside rave up

The back of Super kebab. Aka 'where the magic happens'

Yeah mate

Teee hee
Brixton Splash - getting bashy

Jerk in a bag

Sasuage roll with extra cheese

Owl painting
Hangover ballast

Coppers round here will park anywhere so they can get into Super Kebab

First tin of Boddingtons this decade

Partridge disco - fucking students

fish face

Kew Gardens

Hello old friend


Saturday, 24 August 2013

Too. Hot. To. Blog

It's been summer for a minute and the brevity with which the sun gets a hard on is so small, you've got to really make hay while the sun shines. It sent us so mad when it was at its height that we started punching each other in the face and arms for kicks. I shit thee not.

Ambulance outside Super Kebab. There's been a marder!
Pensionable pride vibes


Whatever you do. don't get in this bin

Semi balearic smoking vibes

Taking on the Turks at their own game


So shit faced it's almost hard to comprehend what was going on

Elephant's knee - aka - tea

Tapas ting

Summer tapas

The Skinny jeaned gardeners - aka 'cunts'

Brighton wedding ting

We had a wee blast of a trip to the seaside at the start of July to celebrate the wedding of our chums Hannah and Si. After dropping our shiz at the chintzy Air B'n'b we'd plumbed for, we descended on the beach where the public bit of the nuptials was all kicking off. There were drinks, we smoked fags, there were tears, laughs. Indeed it was as delightful as you can imagine with gallons of cava and beer all poured in to lube up the romantic vibe.

This romance turned increasingly wet and bashy as the day went on, partly due to the roasting heat and the huge amounts of ales being quaffed, supped and ingested. There was dancing, there were burgers and kids roaming as well as more dancing, more kids and more burgers. Woop.

It was all over too soon but big up to the happy couple for having us and congrats for tying les knot yeah. It was a total hoot. The following morning we attempted to seek out a greasy spoon only to be confronted by a veggie breakfast plus all the smug and white dreads you'd come to expect from such an eatery. The place was called Iydea. Don't you dare...


The wedding yard

Cakey ting


Inedible vegan nonsense

The perpetrators

Friday, 23 August 2013

Going round Luke Solomon's gaff

Last week me and my work buddy Carl got on the Northern Line and didn't stop until we got to the end. High Barnet is the final destination of the northern part of the tube and it goes on and on and on until you're in what seems like the countryside. It's definitely green and full of trees. 

These are the ends of Classic Music Company DJ and producer Luke Solomon. It's leafy, suburban and about as 'unhouse' as you can possibly get. However, our trip was all about interviewing LS in his home studio and having a right old manly geek off about his equipment, gear and records.

After knocking on his door and finding a hungover chap ('Derrick was over last night' As in Derrick Carter - oof), we soon got to waffling in his laboratory. He was incredidbly genial about my technical incompetence with the video camera being waved in his face and Carl did a mint job of stitching our ramblings together into something positively coherent. Here are the fruits of our labours.

There was so much of our chat going on, we had to split it into two parts...

If this all a bit too techy for thee, you can also stream a riotous late night set from Luke and his buddy Rob Mello below. It's from this year's Glastonbury sometime on Saturday night/Sunday morning...

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Blogging doesn't get any tougher than this

Masterchef is a big look round our way. Not just for the competition or the delicious looking scran but for the sizzingly rapport between the presenters, John Torode and Greg Wallace.

Their bromance over buttery, biscuit bases and big big flavours might be fucking weird and oddly homoerotic but makes for the kind of telly you can spend days fully immersing oneself in. It also seems like the real deal but that could just be down to the magic of telly and very wishful thinking. Even weirder, Gregg seems to be a bit of a player/sleazebag...

The latest celebrity edition is on and is proving to be gripping stuff. Shane from Boyzone is favourite to win. G'wan Shane. Sock it to these self-confessed foodies...

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Dancing Shangaan style

'No one cares what you look like when you dance' was a spot of advice recently heard at a wedding 'do'. These words were ones of encouragement while I was nervously dribbling a toe around the outskirts of an underpacked dancefloor attempting to decipher whether it was worth jumping in.

Whether they ring true is a moot point. Does anyone care that I look like octopus man being brought back from beyond the grave when shaking a limb? i might but whatever your skills, African dance troupe Shangaan Electro make dancing look fucking cool without seeming to have any cares in the world. Which is probably the whole point. 

Shangaan Electro's flex is a combination of ludicrous bumpy boiler suits, smiling enthusiasm, broad range age and mental lo-fi music. When we caught them at Gillett Square at the start of July on what must have been one of the day's hottest years, the vibes were ludicrous and the music getting so fast it was almost catching its own tale. The crew totally owned the joint for 45 minutes performing pure dance music at speeds verging on dangerous.The final song in particular sounded like summat one might hear on classic Helter Skelter tape pack.

By contrast, the live drumming afterwards, although loud and enthusiastic didn't have quite the same life giving grin-inducing wonder. However, one little drumming lad stood out for me. Bespectacled (not in shades), not giving it any attitude (as many of his youthful colleagues were) and concentrating hard, he was the token geeky dude doing it cos he was into it regardless of whether he seemed cool or not. Or so it seemed. Big up the specky dude doing it for ostensibly all the right reasons. 'No cares what you look like when you drum.'