Sunday, 26 September 2010

Fuck yo donkey

Yo Spain! Yooooo. The last week or so has been spent trekking round the south of Spain - our journey took in Madrid, Seville, Cordoba, Granada then back to Madrid for the final furlong. There were 'nuff olives to shake a large donkey at. If we had seen any donkeys.

We masked our disappointment at the lack of el burros by taking in cable cars, numerous bars and eateries. Madrid was chocka full of beers, football and a particularly gruesome queen dubbed Fernando who we had to run away from. There was Catholic culture, drawing on doobs in Spanish streets and a partridge-based meal in Tony Blair's favourite Cordoban restaurant. I'd like to go back immediately. These are a few crucial images from the week away... Just for grazing on natch...

Quincey in Spain - RIP

First beer on Spanish soil - an insulting thimble - Are we not men?

Travelling essentials

Breakfast on day one - not stella - huevos got murked

Lichtenstein's take on Spanish culture

Small bear

Wifiiiii on the roof

Yellow and black cock

Picasso on a balearic tip - note sandals, chinos and stripes - wardobe on point


My gawd



Sampling the best of Spanish cuisine

Big Mac sans olives

Classic Madridian breakfast - hot wings and beer

Cheese flex

Cheesecake flex

Recovery session post cable car fear

Fear inducing breakfast - Madrid station - day 4

Spain caters for all sizes

Travelling kit

Catholic take on contemporay history

Much needed roughage

High octane road thrills in Seville park

Smoke up brother - We're on road

Shrimp carpaccio can get tae fuck
Scene of last beverage as a 28 year-old - Drink? Blood of Christ. Obvs.

Sweating over birthday breafast business

Too much churros

Phallic games

Beast recognises beast

Cordoban gifts kill people - not wooden lazers

Birthday partridge in Blair's favourite Cordoban street easy




A man's bedside table - empties, rizlas, garlic, body spray and David Niven biog

Birthday feet

Protestors in the square - Breakfast fuck off flex

Cordoban hotel business - This was our ashtray

The digs

A moving Cordoban tribute to a dead, cartoon egg

Sauce and potatoes - Brace

Mad, Spanish kiddies hell bent on destruction

Half cut and surrounded by children with sticks

Darkness, children and the pinata

Give it one bitch


Gwan gel

Children flex
My dinner

Craggsy's dinner


Debating whether to 'Grind' or not

Fuck. Yo. Couch.

Croquettes - delicate

Cat getting a feeling


Alhambra -Moorish

The rolling vistas

Dogging fish

Afternoon sherry

Sherry - note underage drinkers being perved on by randy cops -

Drinking soup out of shot glasses - Ole

One more olive

Goats cheese Granda-style

It's the sound of me shoes

The Alhambra
Cod salad
Balloon seller gonna get murked

Train bin got murked

Powerful Spanish advertising

Beer 8 of the 5 hour journey - long tings

Just another beer

Childlike shoes totally fucked by Spain

I love to dance


The last Madridian meal pre-extra herbing

Cheese, egg, ham and weed sandwich - a Spanish delicacy

Man with pan pipes gets on tube - it's too much...