Monday, 15 June 2009


The aftermath of LAD'S NIGHT

Just the other week the moon was full, werewolves were on the prowl and men had to stand up and be men. That’s right. It was LAD’S NIGHT, where only them with a full packet of meat and veg, sinewy muscles and an unquenchable thirst for being laddish could attend.

Four of us were in attendance avec one super Nintendo, one lovely beer drinking helmet, 24 cans of continental lager, enough cheese to kill a man and a vibe so hard and erect it could practically burst the sky. Throw in a few pictures of internet phenomena Tub Girl and the beautiful Raleigh Vektar and the equation sign pointed to Hulk Hogan-esque levels of tester one induced mania. I rolled in at 1.30 in the am and spent the next day wimpering like a little nancy boy. Heavy.

Gazing at bikes...

Drinking of beer and clapping like proper piratey men. Woahhhhhh...

Sheffield party boys

While we're off galavanting around the capital, the Rough Disko flag is flying possibly even stronger and stranger than ever up in Sheffield. Now at the Harley, the Gag Reflex and the London Wicker have thrown together some sharp suited and well booted parties to the Steel City night. Below we have Isa G from London hype merchants, Girlcore, and Potty Mouth main man Scott Cooper.

Jac the Disco are on in a few weeks - get the mixes offa their myspace here...