Monday, 4 January 2016

I always wanted to be a juvenile delinquent but my parents wouldn't let me

Happy new year people. As is custom at this time of year, the past month of liquids has been one both hard and heavy, particularly as we have gone through Christmas like a hot knife through a delicious loads of cans. Last month it seemed fit to have a drink at literally every moment. Are you eating crisps? Have a pint. Is that a sink you're scrubbing? Here's a gin. Ah so you're sweeping the floor? Enjoy this bottle of Merlot. Here's what we've seen and can't remember. Now it's all about the resolutions, the new dreams and aspirations. We are going to clean the window sill. We might even get the boiler to work. And stop flicking snot around the room. Maybe...

Soz. Fam
The best bit of the supermarket

Way back in

Way back out

Game changing

Work Christmas dinner is served 

Post Xmas Gregg's breakfast - the 2015 bake in all its glory... 


The posh, unaffordable flat in Spaced. At night

So solid brew bruv

Essential xmas reading

Essential xmas drinking. Watch out for the widget crew

Fam going 3d

Silsden after the floods

Ilkey's waterfall. Bit boring

Lost in Ilkey

Trying to find Sue James' box. Even with the map, and the size, we failed to locate the precious box. 

Contemplating a career change


On the set of Death Becomes Her

Hangover breakfast with a pair of ghosts and a sweetcorn fritter. Spare the fritter
Westwood going in


The monsters were the best friends we had

I love eggs and I love faces. Well I don't really like the latter that much but blending eggs with faces seems to be a real vibe. Now that the work canteen no longer offers scrambled eggs on toast as an option, I've started working from home one day a week so I can get my fix of being a culinary Dr Frankenstein. In doing so, it seems only right that these meals should have personalities, addictions and idiosyncracies. Otherwise, it'd be boring... here's a line up of who we've been eating in 2015...