Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Someone's on the phone - it's a fresh start and they're calling for you

2013 is nearly at its close. It's been a BIGGIE especially over the last few months. Fry ups, baking contests, chip butties, art galleries, culture. You name it, we've been doing it...

Hangover remedy

I'm not sure what's happening here but I don't like it

Christmas disguise

Club Kids
The mythical crow
Videos la
Karl and his cat

Free beers

Get in ma belly

The view from our gaff

Old school deserts

Getting all Mary Berry

The winning cake

Fucking smashed it

Favourite record of the year

Peaches the racist show dog

Bloody mary!

Meaningless home made Christmas card

Toff twat

December hangover crutch
Xmas work do lunch

Second hangover crutch

Ganja crew

Warp vs Tate Britain

Warp Records have been doing their electronic thing for years and have (some times) been a wee bit more studious than the boshier end of the bleepy spectrum. So with this in mind, it wasn't that surprising for the label to announce a collaboration with art bad boy Jeremy Deller and co-host a night of aural terror in the Tate Britain. Deller's History of the World shows off the interconnections between acid house and brass bands so makes for a natural fit with Warp. Excitingly there was a brass band billed to perform the acid brass classics that Deller had worked on some years ago as well as installations from Warp artists such as Hudson Mohawke and Rustie. All for free.

With no price tag attached, it was always going to be busy but the amount of hype and worry which went into getting in was something else. We hot footed it down after work to be confronted by a queue, but, despite what the internet was saying, not an unmanageable one. Inside though it was all very confusing with rooms full of art and music seemingly unrelated to each other. This lack of focus and a bamboozling map resulted in shed load of trendies wandering around looking even more vague and bewildered than usual. 

As is the way with these things, we spent a fair amount of time outside in the smoking and drinking section. We saw the new set of stairs everyone's been banging on about (nice stairs), then entered the main hall for the live music. This was a real spectacle with cavernous ceiling, neon lights and good noises. We caught the ambient, electronic noodlings of Dark Star which sounded suitably portentous/pretentious in that setting. Then the brass band were next up and as exciting as it initially was to witness brass instruments bashing through the KLF's What Time is Love, the lack of vibe and volume of bodies in the room had us heading to the door and to the boozer. It's amazing that this sort of thing goes down and is free for all but at the same time, a wee bit more focus and it could have been something more than the minor disappointment it was...

What's going on?

It was very, very busy

Checking the brass band