Friday, 24 January 2014

Having a chat with Genesis P-Orridge

Not many human beings have turned their very existence into a living, breathing work of art.

But then not many are as nuts, confrontational and as fearless as Genesis P-Orridge. Originally born as Neil (from Hull), he/she has pushed themselves to the limit in terms of what the human body is capable of in the search for some form of artistic truth.

Pandrogneny, love, weird music, endless projects, Hackney, Hollywood, fires at Rick Rubin's gaff, Scotland Yard - trouble, controversy have followed Genesis through their life.

Now aged 64, it's been quite a life and just before Christmas, I got the chance to interview Genesis . It was a peculiar, bewitching hour on the blower to him/her in their New York flat. Genesis spins a great yarn. Check out both parts below for the full run down...

Genesis P-Orridge interview Part 1


Genesis P-Orridge interview Part 2