Monday, 23 March 2009


Wordola people. Little bit of a break from the shackles of the typewriter but we're back and repping. Here's summat fresh from GRUM, a mad young man from Leeds who sounds like he's been licking Daft Punk records and watching Tron on repeat.

He's been banging round the blogs for a while and now Zane Lowe has done a sex wee on him and baptised the man in name of Radio 1.

So there you have it. I'm slower than the Lowe. But honestly I've been repping him for time. Check his No Love Lost Records mixtape here. It was a soundtrack to us accidentally smashing up our flat when we first moved to the smoke last October. Plus someone's put together this ridiculous video to accompany GRUM's debut single, Runaway. It's a weird soft porn Thriller-esque vid feat. a Dan Ackroyd look alike getting fresh with some ladies. Er serious...

Blood red freewheeling

I'm backed up with verbalisations to smack all over this webpage. While I collect my thoughts, get the thread straight and rearrange my pants here's summat that's slightly old but still sounds as fresh as a lovely new day.

Aeroplane are doing the bizness right now and this is it. Even better is the 12 inch which comes in blood red. Plus the middle of the record is a close up of the cartoon Sebastian Tellier's crotch. I'm not sure he's sex on a stick so this is one for the ladies with the feted mind and the sunglasses.

Well worth checking is this month's Mixmag cd as Aeroplane are at the helm. It's called Disco Balearia. Plus this is pretty gold too and is offa another mixmag cd. Although the magazine is officially the biggest pile of dogshit money can buy.