Tuesday, 13 September 2011

RIP Mehdi

Knife and fork town

Despite the no sleep no eat chaos of the past few weeks, culinary treats have also featured high on the menu. In a desperate bid to prove it's not just powders and poppers, here's a few highlights. Do as the colonel and lick them fingers girl...

Eating beans while watching every dad's favourite secret wank fantasy Sarah Beeny

It's a work cake kinda ting

Fishy beetroots

B-day cake bizness

A heart attack fry up - Momma's secret recipe - extra grease

'Open to temptation'

Godfrey the ginger bread man - now deceased. RIP Godfrey - I enjoyed eating your brains


Stoned solo cheesecake mission

Chilli tings - feat. 'erbs

Work desk real ales - only crack in case of emergency