Monday, 9 August 2010

Jammer! - Murkle durkle

2010 and grime has developed itself a sense of humour. Jammer, aka the Murkle Man, has been one of the main players getting grimey with it since day dot. He's gone from being a badass with a child's motor bike to a bona fide popstar. Sort of.

He's still the same mad man in the Murkle Man vid above - but now he's got a nice new wardrobe and a independent record deal. Plus he's posing on the front of his album Jahmanji next to an elephant. You can't get stronger than that.

Check out Ten Man Roll below - Produced by one of his old buddies and fresh DJ Mumdance, it's a big, catchy pop tune. My ears can't get enough of it...

I had the pleasure of reviewing it for FACT. You can have the dubious pleasure of reading what I had to say over here.