Sunday, 30 November 2008

Movement and Vibe

The last few months have been a blur. Big tings have gone down with the main one being upping sticks in Sheffield and heading down to the capital.

In between times we’ve been to the Bestival festival, narrowly avoiding trench foot and raising bloody hell amid the mud bath. The highlights almost too numerous to mention. Dancing in torrential rain wearing a rizla parka chanting ‘Fuck the Rain’ was a particularly strong look.

Rough Disko tottered towards its 4th Birthday in typical fashion. The delightful DJ Mowgli proved his worth both behind the decks and as an eating machine at the Ethio-Cubana restaurant in Sheff. Here’s a selection of candid shots, showcasing how we’ve been rolling…

Caned and the gang

Got any biscuits chum?

Tired Timmy

Little sausage?

Mowgli - get him ladies!

Mowgli in the freaking mix

Mowgli meets the Wicker uptown

Loading the tune cannon


Cooling Towers go down

The fate of the Cooling Towers in Sheffield saw a lot of hot air being pumped out across the land. Like a pair of greying withered tits on prime time telly, they prompted anger, lust and confusion in equal measure.

Instead of lamenting their demise, we decided to get seriously on it, then watch them fall. Seeing them go down was pretty gut wrenching but the mind altering sudofen we ingested soothed the pain.

The best bit was standing next to the ring road in party hats. We exploded poppers (of the paper nature - not amyl), jumped up and down while narrowly avoiding getting run over. Big, big vibes. Here’s some shots from the aftershow back at ours. Heavy.

Man of Mystery...

Campaigner and minor celebrity catches some zs on a packet of skins.

On it.