Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Bogey on the eagle

'Bogey with a woody for an eagle' is either standard golfing parlance or the title of a weird soft porn flick involving both birds and animals. Whatever, it just goes to show the casual spectator that the game of golf and all its accompanying wordage makes as much (or as little) sense as the world of darts. 

We had the pleasure of experiencing golf via a fluke free ticket to the Open on the Wirral back in July. The weather was stormy, the game made no sense and we were hungover. But no matter, we were teeside, desperately trying to stay silent while some of the best golfing troops attempted to get their balls in the hole. The vibe in the crowd was, to coin a phrase, more Berghaus than Berghain. Waterproofs, flasks, hats and sensible shoes were the order of the day. But throw in as much Stella as a brother and his guts can handle, and there was a sense of mild chaos, particularly as Irish dude Rory Mcilroy was leading and on the brink of a home victory. The day finished in a huge thunderstorm which saw us marauding across the golf greens through huge puddles attempting to find  a way out. Rory went on to take victory and we got the chance to stay in a caravan. 'All round winning' innit.  

Lock up your daughters - it's Tiger Woods

Rory Mcilroy - close up

This brand has a strong visual presence similar to the inside of my dreams

So many pint pots

Why not? 

Rory Mcilroy and his peculiar walking style