Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Important Warp news

Warp and Turbo are up there as my favourite record labels in the world right now.

Amazingly both appear to be springing into activity again in the 09 with great and glorious gusto.

According to the former, it's celebrating its 20th year of activity on the earth with a compilation and number of events. Here's what they're doing and what you can do to help them by visiting Warp20

'Create The Definitive Warp Album. Vote for your favourite ever Warp tracks here. Your top 10 (by different artists) will combine with our top 10 to make a historic album for release this Autumn. Leave personal messages and memories and the best will be printed in the album art. We Are Reasonable People.'

Not only this, but they're throwing a series of parties across the UK during the summer.

Paris, New York, Sheffield, London and Tokyo are the locales. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Sheffield and a party to truly bring home the vibe of the bleep.

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The final bit of good news is that the bathroom door (see above) is finally getting fixed. As previously reported, we had to bash it in last October after an unsuspecting guest became trapped inside after which I did the same. That crack in the middle is the damage wrought upon it. So hopefully within a hour we'll be able to defecate and simultaneously lock the door.


Important Turbo news

Big news people. Big, heavy, bubonic news.

First of all is that Tiga's record label, Turbo, has just overhauled it's website. Yep that's right. I told you it was BIG. But it is. Not only is Tiga's second album due very soon (Ciao Tiga is it's name, rave pop is probably gonna be it's game. Although I wouldn't want to stick him in a box), happily they're putting together a compilation of the best bits from the label under the title of Omni Dance. Out on May 25th it looks, how you say, sicker than sick.

Check out the new website here...

Turbo Records

For those of who cannot get enough of Tiga's thoughts, there's an amazing interview with him about the new album on there.

This bit is the funniest moment...

Q: Are you happy with what you’ve been able to achieve?

Tiga: Once you realize you have the power to rent a limo anytime you please, you know in your heart that you’re not like other men. To hear 10,000 people chant your name and then have them locked inside the venue until you have had a chance to learn all of theirs. My goal has always been to become the most famous man in the world by the time I am 50. Failing that, I will assume the identity of a respected physician. My album’s success will determine whether the world will ever come to know Dr. Timothy Tiga.

And you can get more of his updates on the twitter he's set up. Dip into this and you'll realise the man is monstrously tapped...

Tiga Twitter

Not that I'm obsessing. I'm just laughing. A lot.