Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Two clubs, one pair of gloves and a whole lot of numbers

Hitting up two clubs in one evening is an indication of a fairly wonky outlook. Or perhaps just fucking terrible vibes in the first one you attend.

One March Friday saw both scenarios happen upon us and amounted to a lengthy 48 session which left brains and guts both battered and bruised. It just goes to show that bigger don't necessarily mean better when it comes to living it up large on the ever leaky barge.

Our first port of call was XOYO in Shoreditch for Benji B's first Deviation evening in da club. We lasted about ten minutes before fucking off. Too many men. Or kids. And truly terrible sound, possibly caused by too many bodies. What evs. The distorted, sweaty wall of fuzzy flesh drove us to the nearest taxi rank in search of summat resembling 'vibe'.

Our second rave den for the evening was the Question Mark bar up near Stoke Newington. This Residents night had the two men who warm up proceedings for the notorious Numbers party at the helm. So Bobby Cleaver and Goodhand were our hosts and they escorted us through the weighty end of the record bags with large amounts of aplomb.

It made for a much more low key, yet stimulating slice of musical pie. The distinct lack of total toss bags was a massive tick in its favour. Instead of nobhead, there were just a load of folk getting down in a basement to a fineee selection of electronic bigness like this one below...

And this...

The evening turned into night which turned into morning before we turned in. So Saturday was a suitably wobbly affair. Some food was eaten before we inevitably chose to take a plunge head first into a huge lake of lager. But enroute we picked up a pair of gloves. Furry. Radioactive looking gloves. It's like the Honey Monster had rocked up for a half and a stone baked pizza, then forgotten to take his mitts back with him... waaaahhh



Pagan vibes

Under the table

Thursday, 2 May 2013

The wine of life

In the Life of Pi there's a bit where Pi describes water as 'the wine of life'. I'd disagree cos water is water and wine is wine and beer is best. Everyone knows that. If I could drink music, then the below cocktail is what I'd be supping on. This week's juice innit...