Saturday, 3 May 2014


It's been over three weeks since the London Marathon and against all the odds I didn't shit myself or fail to make it all the way round. In fact, it was all done and dusted within 3 hours and 52 minutes - there was a lot of sweat, a lot of groaning, some serious swearing and a weird wee within the first half a mile where my penis appeared to be inflating with wee rather than acting as a conduit for its extraction. No matter, it's done and that's that. Thanks to everyone who sponsored me, watched me, shouted at us with words of encouragement, trained with us, helped us raise dosh, and greeted us at the finish line with some fags and Kronenberg. Beer and cigs are a great combo but they never tasted better than they did then...

The fundraising page will be open for a wee bit longer if you'd still like to throw some dosh into the ring.