Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Things have been very quiet on here but in real life shit has been proper bubbling. Oh yeah. Days in, nights out, beige foodstuffs, discovering Ru Paul's Drag Race, noting the charms of Jack Bauer in 24 and getting even deeper into cheese. Here are a few 'moments' recorded and broadcast for the sake of posterity. 'Summer 2014, we were in you man...' 


Nice and beige

Man alive


Soft shell crab flex


Colonel mustard

Not very happy about the world cup results

'We are lucky enough to have a surplus of plums'

Can you see  a cock in the beer?

He-man vibes

Lucky dog

Work vibes

'Smoke weed - lol'

Eggy penis

Impromptu meat purchase

Impromptu meat bin bag mouth collision