Friday, 29 March 2013

Taking names and kicking ass

Content updates on here have been slower than a slug with a limp but that's due to being outside and living life offline. Kind of. Well at least in a pub and only using the internet off a phone. But the blogger app is totally weak so you can't do live updates from the coal face. No matter. Shit has been going strong in the big 013 thus far and long may it continue. We've had pies, peas and mild panics if not in that particular order. When we ain't been in da pub, we've been in the home DVD hub watching films. Some good. Some bad. The worst to date has been Captain Corelli's Mandolin. Just don't do it... these are just a handful of the good moments...

Pie face

Yes mate

Sausage muncher

It's a gourmet cheese mill ting. They soak it in that shit

Emeli Sande tarted up

It's a cocktail shaking hot fudge knit-a-thon

Kingly vibes

Wee man

Boat in a bottle

Roald Dahl


Mr Buckley's

Pigs are great, both to look at and to stick in one's gob. The standard way I've imbibed a wee porker has always been in a solid form so imagine the delight of discovering an alcoholic drink with a rasher of bacon in it.

It's like an intergalactic storm where two world of your favourite worlds collide. But instead of mass death, there's an array of well alcoholic drinks lined up all with bacon slices stuck inside them.   Delicious.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

We're pretending to be avoiding talking about Daft Punk

While the world collectively shits itself in anticipation of new Daft Punk music and YouTube drowns in the fakers claiming to be the original French duo, there's a shed load of other stuff that's kept us popping round our way. Ooof there's almost too much. What a time to be alive... This is the shit that's been ensuring my booty continues to shake around our small, unhinged little breakfast bar...

This Hudmo bomb sounds like victory itself...