Saturday, 31 May 2008

May Rough Disko post mortem

Right right let’s get to it. The last party was a right fucking jump off, if not a red hot sausage fest.

That’s right the music went SKONKN K NKNKN BBBBBBIOIOI, then flexed its muscles before punching you between the legs and tweaking yer balls/cameltoe.

Boys loved it, so did a few girls, and many ladies hated it. However, that me ducks is the way we fucking roll.

Props to Mr Oris Jay for properly slaying it, whoop whoop to the C90 dicks for sticking their fingers in our pie again and to anyone who ventured down. It.Was.Good.

Here are some pics from Penelopes to show how big and bouncing it was. Check out Mary Anne Hobbs offa Radio 1 who was in the area for her birfday. We didn’t get her anything.

Radio 1 in da AREA! avec beaux - marvel at the fun she's having

Action shot of foliage in Penelopes - this sums up the point of blogs nicely.

Revellers 'having it'/'going extra large'/'throwing the dummy out of the pram'/

Darqwan/Oris Jay laying it down