Monday, 2 December 2013

Run for your lives

In Stephen King's the Running Man, Ben Richards has to escape his hunters. He can go anywhere in the world and in the film, Arnie Schwarzenegger plays the protagonist romping through a storyfull of high camp, drama and sexplosions. Running the Birmingham half marathan was almost nothing like it.

Indeed there were no explosions and little in the way of high camp but Brum is undoubtedly a total vibe due to the proper normality of everything and the lack of gentrified pubs stuffed with idiots wearing silly hats (like London). We landed in the city far too early, had to get changed in an icy car park and then spent 15 minutes tooing and froing between toilets before huffing and puffing our way around the city for the 13.1 miles. The pint at the finish line was one of the tastiest of the year thus far. Life-affirming stuff in the west midlands...

Caterpillar - first of the season

Bumbag crew - not balearic

At the finishhhh