Friday, 17 January 2014

Running tings in the London Marathon

More talk, more action has been a maxim round our way for some time after we got sick of chatting big but never following through. The ultimate bit of action (without jumping off a cliff or shooting someone in the ass) is to go out and run the London marathon. So this year, I'm following in the illustrious footsteps of Gordon Ramsey and Katherine Jenkins, strapping on the short shorts and giving it a fucking go.

As anyone who's been following my behaviour vicariously through this blog over time may guess, I've been hungover for about 20 years so this could be the end of me. Fingers crossed I live to tell the tale as runners who die probably don't get to donate their money to their charity of choice. And it would be a real shame if the £1,500 I'm hoping to rustle up for Kith and Kids doesn't reach them.

Kith and who you say? Not 'kissing kids' (although that's unfortunately how it sounds when you tell people).  Well Kith and Kids do amazing work supporting young adults and kids with a learning disability or autism to overcome their social exclusion and learn new skills via weekly clubs and projects.

You can check out more of their business on their website here;  

I've been struggling in to the Sunday clubs with a hangover for the last couple of years as well as kicking a football with their soccer team so this feels like a good way to thank them for all the vibes from up in Tottenham. 

Want to donate and help me raise the dosh? Nice one - click here and visit my Just Giving page innit...