Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Take it to the streets

September saw two momentous things take place - Jeremy Corbyn got in as Labour leader ending the reign of terror provoked by Blair and his lemming-esque followers, plus there was a huge march across the streets of London to champion the plight of refugees across Europe.

That both coincided was a rare moment of dry safety in a never ending Tory piss being taken over the whole country. We celebrated by drinking lots of corona, walking across the capital and chanting in the sunshine.

The day after was the Hackney Carnival, a different sort of celebration but a celebration nonetheless. The best bit was a huge toucan shaking its feathers in the street. Yes mate...

Parliament square - somewhere in there is a soundsystem playing jungle

'Tories Fuck The Fuck Off'


Toucan you can


Ridley Road going offffff

Da Carnival