Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Rhythm is a chancer

This is the stuff that dreams are made of...

We used to take our tops off all the time

It was Chinchilla Price's b-day this time last week - and to celebrate we went and ate a delicious burger. The cow which was turned into the glorious thing you see above was fed beer and given massages before being mercilessly butchered. As ways of passing on, it sounds allreet...


The cock



Hudson Mohawe paints Jamie Woon all purple

Jamie Woon is one of these names which was spewed up during all the hubble and bubble which musique critics get themselves into at the start of a new year. I've yet to listen to him on his own as a result. But this new remix by the ever oddly shaped Hudson Mohawke has pricked my fancy. It's purple, it's got drums and it's as catchy as fook although it's Hudmo's skills on the choral rave chorus which make this for us. Out in April. Oomph.

Lady Luck (Hudson Mohawke's Schmink Wolf Re-fix) by woon

Tighten up

Me and the pen have been getting on recently to the extent where we've taken our relationship outside of this mouldy corner of the internet and attempted to show it off somewhere else. It wasn't long until we came running back here but on the brief foray into the real world we trussed up some reviews and left 'em out to rot elsewhere. No one usually bothers reading them but you can check them out via the links below...

Egyptrixx - Bible Eyes (Night Slugs) album review

Ilya Santana - Transborder (Leatherette/Minogue remixes)