Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Lady Chann video business...

After having recently given Lady Chann a mild grilling for the Stool Pigeon, we attended her video shoot on the roof of a pub in Kings Cross.

The shoot was a pretty cheap do for her new single (and first release on Toddla T's new Girl's Music label) Sticky Situation. It featured the likes of Toddla and Skream miming dancing on the roof top to a tape of the tune being farted out of a little ghettoblaster. Dancing to silence is fucking difficult so we had to embibe a few bevs and doobs to get us in the mood.

This sort of behaviour resulted in myself being too doped up to locate the toilet and giving up the video shoot in favour of a trip to the chicken shop. Your classic tireless levels of professionalism on display. It also meant we got to have a little chat with Skream ('oooh I love your mixing mate. Oooh. Do you want a beer mate. Yes mate. Oh you've gone mate...')

Here is the Lady Chann interview for yoursens.