Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Verity Lane

As you may know, Tottenham is our new ends and the Tottenham Community Press has become another outlet for words and vibes in the N17 postcode. We've been attempting to keep up with the pulse in a place where the pulse is getting stronger by the day.

For this second issue, we tracked down a local composer Verity Lane specialising in dreaming up music using traditional Japanese instruments. She's playing gigs in the vicinity and you should check out her steeze. Listen below and we'll link the interview here when it lands...

This is not fake news

A lot has been popping in the N17 hood since last September but while Audrey Dre is in the house there's still time for breakfasts, pints and pasties. Perhaps just not quite as many as before. But we are persevering. Her endeavours can remain a little offline but here's what we're been doing alongside her... brap brap?

Sculpture Park vibes

When you sign outside the box,then your passport gets rejected... again and again and again


A very, very long pork scratching

Late night vibes in Tottenham waiting for the locksmith man

An extremely poncy array of drinks

Greggs in the home

Perhaps the best sandwich in the world

Drinking like lunatics

Shura - in a few words, don't bother mate


Just frying some mushy peas pissed up

There's a mouse in the urinal and its staring right at me

Night times in N17

Yes you can come to Lanzarote for xmas


Cock head