Thursday, 23 July 2009


We made these for the birthday of one Weens. They took fucking ages. Our kitchen don't have any windows. Cue sweats...

Kevin Saunderson in Shoreditch...

It's been a bit of a wait to reflect on the events of da other weekend. We went to check Kevin Saunderson and Inner City in a car park in Shoreditch and we had a right old time but Inner City were a real pisser. Like reaching for a piece of fine stilton only to find that it had turned and gone all green. Deeply Disappointing. The photos say more than a 1,000 words even though I tried to spin it out for Resident Advisor. I could have been nastier. Maybe next time...

Resident Advisor Kevuin Saunderson review

Inner City doing their thang

Bored onlookers


My face is melting because these drugs don't work. Again.

Fuck off mate

Stop it

Two men for chicken. Flex.

These fucking drugs STILL don't work. Kevin! Kevin!


Bizzy B

Eventually got round to vibing on this. Bizzy B is a badman. Read all about it on here...

Bizzy B Retrospective review for Fact...