Monday, 1 November 2010

MOBO shake down...

The MOBOs is the annual Music of Black Origins awards - and to celebrate and build up a bit of hype in the run up to the 2010 event itself the organisers put a tour together.

We went along on the junket flex to Islington's O2 venue, which is in the shopping centre round them parts. When we got in line for the metal detector, it transpired that pretty much everyone in there was on the junket. Them peoples was astute - I'd have pitied any fool who'd had to fork out dosh from their own pockets to check some of the weakness on display.

The bill was proper boil in the bag - perennial UK try hard Donaeo looked well pissed off to have agreed to be included - and rushed through his set like a man who'd have rather have been bathing in someone else's shit than performing in that room.

Aggros Santos is supposed to be a serious contender in the game - but his miniature stature and elderly backing DJ only provoked hysterics. His performance proved to be a real low point in the evening - he leaped on stage at the exact moment the £4 pints suddenly developed the flavour of line cleaner....

The final act on the bill was Skepta - a man who used to be one the muckiest boys in grime - but has given it up for a way with a cheesey pop ting. We left before he'd even got half way through.
As a gig, the MOBOs tour was one of the worst. The pits. A sow's ear. It's one saving grace was the brief appearance of JME - and he was only on stage for one tune. Whatevs though. He made the struggle of those £4 lagers worth it. Keep your ears on him...

Ever danced to witch house in the pale moon light?

The clocks have gone back and everyone's wearing scarves. Jesus fucking h. It feels like it was shorts wearing weather only a few minutes ago but getting one's pins out now would be a well bad idea. The ever quickening movement of time's fingers now means we're condemned to months of permanent night - it's freaking dark before the end of work bell tolls. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Now that winter is fast approaching, you'll probably want summat which comes with a smile to prevent you from throwing yourself out the window. If this is the case, then you're probably best avoiding Apparat's DJ Kicks mix business.

I gave it the once over for Resident Advisor - it's a suitably intense, earnest almost emo-esque take on whatever it is which comes after dubstep - witch house innit. It's serious dance music which is difficult to dance to for serious types to get serious over. Serious.

Apparat's DJ Kicks mix

Elsewhere, I've scribbled a few other little bits and bobs for FACT's website. First is a solo ting from one of the berk's from Animal Collective. The second is from bass king Zed Bias and his housey housey alter ego. Big up...

Avery Tare - Lucky One

Maddslinky feat. Omar - Special