Sunday, 27 June 2010

Kode 9 gets his kicks on

June was mainly to do with embracing the great outdoors and the lesser great indoors. It's sweaty inside so reviewing tunes has been accompanied by massive amounts of clammy 'dab'. Suffering business...

Despite the heat, I've been keeping the quill flowing as hard as possible. Kode9's DJ Kicks mix tape received my wordy appendage for Resident Advisor which you can find here. And Horse Meat Disco's latest compilation on Strut over here.

For Fact I'm getting on a proper UK funky and techno tip. All these below have got a light dusting and all worth letting your guard down for...

Scratch DVA played at a recent Rough Disko in Sheffield and blew us away. His latest EP - New World Order - is suitably nuts for a man who wears two pairs of specs (the other on a lanyard natch) and tracksuits.

The New World Order Review

Elsewhere the gnarly techno vibes from German powerhaus Berghain (review here) and new UK funky boi Hackman (review here) both received a light sprinkling of hot word air. Phew.