Friday, 23 August 2013

Going round Luke Solomon's gaff

Last week me and my work buddy Carl got on the Northern Line and didn't stop until we got to the end. High Barnet is the final destination of the northern part of the tube and it goes on and on and on until you're in what seems like the countryside. It's definitely green and full of trees. 

These are the ends of Classic Music Company DJ and producer Luke Solomon. It's leafy, suburban and about as 'unhouse' as you can possibly get. However, our trip was all about interviewing LS in his home studio and having a right old manly geek off about his equipment, gear and records.

After knocking on his door and finding a hungover chap ('Derrick was over last night' As in Derrick Carter - oof), we soon got to waffling in his laboratory. He was incredidbly genial about my technical incompetence with the video camera being waved in his face and Carl did a mint job of stitching our ramblings together into something positively coherent. Here are the fruits of our labours.

There was so much of our chat going on, we had to split it into two parts...

If this all a bit too techy for thee, you can also stream a riotous late night set from Luke and his buddy Rob Mello below. It's from this year's Glastonbury sometime on Saturday night/Sunday morning...